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About Roaming Arrow

Roaming Arrow Photography Co. started from a love of travel and capturing gorgeous landscapes and authentic moments. We battled the decision of actually creating a business, but after being encouraged by our husbands, families, and friends we decided to take the plunge!

Since we wanted to create something that was meaningful to each of us, our biggest hurdle was finding the perfect name. After coming up with approximately 10,000 options we landed on Roaming Arrow.


We wanted a name that represented our faith in Jesus, and our love of travel. Psalm 127:4 references children being arrows in the hand of the warrior and to be sent out into the world on a mission for Christ. After pondering on this scripture we decided that, as Christians, we should never stop being arrows sent out to the world to spread the Good News. God intended for the ‘arrows’ to be shot out into the world, carving a path, and never losing the desire to evangelize and love others.


So, I guess you could say that we would classify ourselves as being arrows, if you will. With that being said, I think the roaming portion and our love of travel are pretty self explanatory. We look forward to getting to know each of you, but first, here is a little about each of us!


"In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him."

                      Psalm 95:4

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Roaming Arrow Photography Co.

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